Casually make the observation - when a pretext arises - that many men *do* take pride in the number and the measure of the demands and impositions that they can place on their women without effective protest from them. And then ask your prospective partner what he thinks of the women that endure such treatment and whether that's the sort of woman that he wants to marry. If you do not have an immediate, firm and heartfelt, assurance to your satisfaction on the point, waste no further time.

by a Taken In Hand reader on 2005 May 19 - 20:50 | reply to this comment Mike's Girl to DeeMarie? DeeMarie? wrote: But maybe the “zero responsibility for wives ” idea can be carried too far. At the very minimum, I would prefer that she has the responsibility to be available for sex whenever her husband demands. But maybe that’s more about the husband’s authority than about the wife’s responsibility. Because when you come right down to it, she doesn’t actually have to do much if he decides to ravish her.

In Mike’s short essay, he didn’t have the chance to expand on Dr. Pat Allen’s theories. In Pat’s world (and her jargon), the feminine energy chooses to be: receptive

available to receive

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