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Weighing it all up, I love it far more than I hate it. MB seems sexier and more fun than he ever was before. And the difficulties inherent it make the joys of it all the sweeter.


by Mad4Him on 2004 Jun 25 - 23:14 | reply to this comment
I have been thinking this same thing!!
I am actually really new to the Taken In Hand idea, and although it sounds appealling, I have wondered how in the world I would manage it. I have spent so many years making myself an independent, strong women who is completely self-sufficient that I have been concerned about how I could go from that to fluttering my eyelashes and saying 'Whatever you say dear'. Hmmm. I don't know if I could ever reach that point, and I don't really want to. I felt like Louise had read my mind when I read her thoughts and concerns. Reading both hers and Confused's comments were very... calming, I suppose. Confused's paragraph regarding 'submissive not equaling meek and subservient' especially seemed to strike a chord with me. It's a relief to know there are other women, with my temperment and concerns, that are successfully managing a Taken In Hand relationship... and enjoying it.

by Catriona on 2004 Jun 25 - 23:51 | reply to this comment
Timeshare Taming
I really enjoyed reading all your comments, it's nice to know that some 'real' Taken in Hand women feel sort of the way I do. The film "Forsaking All Others" with Clark Gable and Joan Crawford (if you haven't seen this movie it's terrific, and very funny) is the only 'S' rated film I've ever seen where there is a strong hint that what happened once could happen again, and even at the end of the film a strong suggestion that the heroine might actually like the idea. It took me years to figure out that being spanked "against my will" as it were wasn't really what I wanted at all, and that having to submit was actually much sexier and more exciting. Also that just being spanked for no particular reason wasn't nearly as thrilling and as satisfying as being really punished for doing something wrong.

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