about downtown Reno has been said, about 1000 times, on this blog aldraey.For a while the topic of whether  the bottom  has been reached used to generate some good debate. Now nobody seems to care about that anymore.All the interesting, and let's face it provocative,  posters like Bantering Bear and Reno Ignoramus and Smarten have left the blog. My guess is that they still read the blog, but don't find much new to say. One of the things that keeps political and sports blogs going is that there are new developments every day. Some politician is doing something every day which is grist for the mill, and some team or player or coach does something which provides grounds for taking of sides. But the real estate market? Pretty slow moving for the most part.
So that's the case? Quite a <a href="http://oevidddsc.com">revlaetion</a> that is.

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