As a member of the 2011 CIM team and the SRA Boston Training Team, I feel very prviileged being able to take advantage of your knowledge, experience and upbringing (Your parents must be so proud of you.)  Even in a group training program, I receive personal training with pin-point suggestions on form, pace and nutrition.   At 65, I finished CIM last year 3 min faster than before decreasing my qualifying time for Boston by 3 minutes and look forward beating my Boston Marthon time in 2012.  Thanks!, Mary, for nutrition and running info for my real life.  YTB.  ~ Barbara
Split-limit liability packages are the kind the majority of Quotes Chimp purchase. The risk accepted by the insurance company is expressed in terms of the maximum amount that will be paid under the policy per injured person and per accident for all injured persons. A typical example is $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident.

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