There's also the possibility that she might decide to do nothing at all to help maintain the household, which could make it near impossible for him. But I doubt it; because many or most women seem to have an almost compulsive need to see the home maintained well, and they will readily jump to doing some task as soon as they observe that a man is doing it, and somewhat less than perfectly. And if she's doing that out of her own free choice, instead of as a "wifely duty," then it becomes less like drudgery and she'll be more cheerful about it.


And finally she wrote:

Anyway, this idea sounds like a wonderful corrective to the unfortunately common notion that "guys are just lazy," and left to their own inclination would just drink beer, watch sports and play with their toys. Maybe most "guys" are lazy, because they never grew up into men. But a real man recognizes that his power and authority derive from his ability to take responsibility and get things done. Thanks so much for bringing this concept to our attention!

My pleasure, Ma'am.

I have a closing suggestion for women who are "interviewing" prospective husbands:

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