A famous Prime Minister of my country once said that "The government has no place in the bedrooms of the nation". While perhaps not describing the BDSM vs Taken In Hand debate, it strikes me that the argument is legitimate just the same.

by mackenzie on 2004 Dec 16 - 22:19 | reply to this comment Proving a point? I wonder if the anonymous pro-BDSM, anti Taken In Hand poster realises that the somewhat narrow-minded, our-way-is-the-best-and-only stance they're taking is rather proving Sarah's point?

Personally, I don't think one is inherently safer than the other - given that no amount of instruction and advice is going to stop the rogues taking advantage of the naive, whatever you call your practises. There's abuse and danger in all walks of life.

And finally, it struck me earlier that a Taken in Hand relationship is the way of life whereas BDSM is the hobby. And there is, of course, no reason why people can't do one, the other, both or neither according to their own preferences, desires and needs.

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so" Hamlet, somewhere.

by ConfusedOfHomeCounties? on 2004 Dec 16 - 22:21 | reply to this comment Which is the more openminded viewpoint? Fact: BDSM takes no position on who should be on Top. Taken in Hand may not take a position on this either, but this website only caters for relationships in which the man is in control.

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