I'm glad you have a sense of humour! I would not condone unsafe practices in any place, DD, Taken In Hand, BDSM which ever alphabet jumble you prefer. When it comes down to it there are people who ignore safety in all areas of sexual practices. It should neither be condoned nor accepted no matter your lifestyle. If you are HOH and you are doing things that are really unsafe, then you are doing a bad job of being HOH. If the person in control knowingly does so, then it is wrong, no matter if you call yourself a Dom, Top, Sir, Master, Mistress, Spanker or HOH.

Just because you know of a couple who calls themselves DD or Taken In Hand and they condone unsafe practices does not mean that it is condoned or widely practiced by the whole community. I can only speak from my own experiences. If someone pointed out to my husband that he could potentially hurt me by what he is doing, he would consider what they are saying. He cares about my safety before all else. I would bet that is true for the majority on this site.

Take care, Tev

by Tevemer on 2004 Dec 17 - 01:11 | reply to this comment Men Want Subordinate Women BDSM'ers know that most people..gender and gender preferences notwithstanding, prefer the bottom role. There are far more bottoms than tops in every category. Not in your marriage maybe, but two people is hardly a majority world view.

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