Taken In Hand Tour start | next Have you seen the following articles? Happy living in fear of a man?! Given a choice between two men ... Monogamy Asserting dominance physically forcefully To let go What do you mean, you want to be taken in hand?! Women want men who are more dominant Taken In Hand by an ardent feminist She wants to be taken in hand against her will?! The sexuality of ‘non-sexual’ dominance 2005 Apr 19 - 12:34 | add new comment | latest article | previous article | next article | permanent link From BDSM to Taken in Hand I have to disagree. I am submissive, in every way, Sexually and homemaker. Where BDSM is fantasy lived out and Taken in Hand is a lifestyle choice. My master and I have a safe word. If we will embark on something new and exciting we discuss it first and agree to try it, if during our new experience if I am in pain, uncomfortable, not enjoying it or feel unsafe I use my safe word and he stops. I appreicate the after care because during a sexual experience I am free of my inhibitions and get very worked up, so after care is very important. To know my master has enjoyed our experience, to know I did well in my part, and for him to know I enjoyed it and want to do it again. In my life style choice I feel safe, cared for, and very well loved. I don't know if BDSM fantasy person can say they feel loved and connected to their partner after they act out a fantasy, the way I do.

My humble opinion, Pet a submissive

by Pet C on 2005 Apr 19 - 19:57 | reply to this comment And that's the whole point... BDSM's explicitness is what makes it so empty.

If there is no room for doubt (i.e. no risk), there is no direct experience of trust, no true giving of oneself to the other and no real passion.

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